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Visiting Hours & Policies

Revised Visiting Hours

At Presbyterian, the health and safety of our patients and workforce is our top priority. To protect our patients and employees, each of our hospitals and clinics will set their visiting hours independently based on current community COVID-19 levels. The number of visitors allowed may be different for various locations. See below for specific information on your area of visitation.

Hospital Visitor Policy

Approved visitors must:

  • Be 14 years old or older
  • Wear a face mask for the entire visit, even in the patient’s room
  • Wear other personal protective gear, as instructed by staff
  • Limit the surfaces they touch and perform hand hygiene using hand gel or soap and water
  • Follow all other requirements and directions provided by staff

Approved visitors must stay in the patient’s room for their visit and not stop in common areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies, nutrition areas or gift shops. Visitors can purchase food in the cafeteria but may not sit in the cafeteria to eat. They should take any food back to the patient’s room or outside the facility. We may restrict visits to the cafeteria to inpatient visitors and staff only, based on available space and ability to follow COVID-19 safe practices in this location.

Visiting Policy for Lincoln County Medical Center, effective December 11, 2022

Specific AreaVisitor Policy
Emergency Department and PresNow 24/7 locationsOne (1) visitor per patient within the patient room. One (1) visitor in lobby if patient’s caregiver/ POA, or parent of minor and one (1) visitor for patients greater than age 65.
Presbyterian Medical Group and Urgent Care locationsOne (1) visitor/support person may visit at a time.
Labor and DeliveryOnly one (1) visitor is allowed in triage, operating and recovery areas. The number of visitors allowed in the birthing room is dependent on the patient’s wishes, but not to exceed two (2).
Adult ICU (Intensive Care) / Critical CareOne (1) support person/visitor is allowed at a time.
Inpatient Adult UnitsOne (1) support person/visitor is allowed at a time.
Inpatient Pediatric Units (not ICU)Two (2) support persons/visitors are allowed at a time in private rooms.
One (1) support person/visitor is allowed at a time in semi-private rooms.
Outpatient Surgery or ProceduresNo visitation or waiting within the facility during procedures. Arrangements must be coordinated for drop-off and pick-up.

Additional visitors may be approved by our leadership team in special circumstances or if it is determined to be in the patient or family’s best interest at the time, such as unexpected end-of-life situations. Special circumstances may include patients who are receiving palliative or end-of-life care. If a special exception is made, the visitor(s) must follow all infection prevention policies and procedures, including wearing a face mask and other personal protective gear as instructed by staff.

Clinic Visitor Policy

To protect our patients and employees, each of our clinics will set their visiting hours independently based on current community COVID-19 levels. All patients and visitors over 2 years of age will be required to wear a medical-grade mask for the entire length of their visit.

Waiting rooms are for patients and their designated support person(s) only. Everyone will be required to follow social distancing requirements during the visit and anyone allowed in the exam room (except qualified interpreters) will be required to stay inside the room the entire visit.

All other family members, companions, or guardians except for designated support person(s) will be asked to wait in their car or return at the end of the appointment time. Our clinic will ask for a cell phone number and will call when the patient is ready to leave.

Clinic and Hospital Mask Policy

At Presbyterian, the safety of our employees, patients and visitors is our top priority. Face masks for patients and visitors, including children older than 2 years of age, are still required at all times in any Presbyterian facility.

  • Once you enter a facility, you must wear a medical-grade face mask. If you do not have a medical-grade face mask, one will be given to you. You must keep this mask on the entire visit, unless otherwise directed by a provider.
  • If in our cafeterias, you can remove your mask while eating and drinking at your table, but it must be worn at all other times.
  • If you or your loved one are admitted to the hospital for further treatment, we will provide you with a medical-grade face mask. You must wear it during the entire visit, unless otherwise directed by a provider.

Learn more about wearing a face covering or mask