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Community Funding

Meeting the Health Care Needs of Lincoln County

Lincoln County Medical Center (LCMC) and Presbyterian Healthcare Services (Presbyterian) have provided care for the residents of Lincoln County for more than four decades. In November 8, 2016, Lincoln County residents voted to approve a $25 million general obligation bond to help pay for the construction of a new hospital that will replace the existing Lincoln County Medical Center facility.

A general obligation bond is a common type of debt used by states and local governments to raise money for public projects. The bond is secured by the government’s pledge to use legally available resources to repay bond holders. In this case, the bond will be paid off by lease payments made by Presbyterian, which has leased and operated Lincoln County Medical Center since 1972.

New Facilities

Lincoln County, in partnership with Presbyterian, has opened a new critical access hospital and a new emergency medical services (EMS) facility in Ruidoso. Presbyterian leases and operates Lincoln County Medical Center (LCMC) and equips, staffs and manages the facilities.

This $38.1 million investment enhances the care that Lincoln County Medical Center already provided and will help to retain and attract new physicians to meet the future healthcare needs of our community.

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