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Lincoln County Medical Center|About|News|COVID-19 treatment available in outpatient setting

COVID-19 treatment available in outpatient setting

December 2, 2020 In the News

An outpatient infusion center at Lincoln County Medical Center now treats COVID-19 patients with the antiviral treatment remdesivir and one-time monoclonal antibody infusion bamlanivimab.

Remdesivir is a five-day infusion course for COVID-19 patients experiencing minimal impacts from COVID-19 or those who are improving and can be discharged from the hospital. Bamlanivimab is for COVID-19 patients with minor symptoms who are in the high-risk category.

“The goal is that we can provide this treatment will free up a hospital bed for another hospital patient who needs it,” Lincoln County Medical Center Medical Director Stephen Otero told the Alamogordo News.

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